What can Beta Nine do for you?

  • a preparatory study of a project, optionally including analysis, architecture definition and/or initial design
  • concrete design and full implementation of a solution
  • delivery, testing, user training and documentation
  • end to end responsibility with a fixed budget for well-defined projects
  • full facilities management of server hardware, operating system, application software and support with a service level agreement, either at your site or in our professional data center
  • collaboration with your team as a consultant, mentor or developer
  • construction of a working prototype - in record time - as proof of concept or test case
  • internet/intranet solutions including java programming and initial web site design
  • implementation of well-defined submodules in larger projects
  • organization, setup and teaching of courses and workshops on object, internet/intranet and/or Java technology


  • a group of hospitals wants a human resources management application that can cope with all the special regulations its large and diverse collection of employees must comply with. They want flexible software that can adapt to changes in regulation.
  • a consortium of banks wants to implement an electronic payment system on the internet. They need experienced specialists to write software that connects any client to any server through any firewall, reliably.
  • a large bank wants an integrated portfolio management application to help its personnel show its customers what their investment portfolio looks like - and why - in a way nobody else can. This application should run on a PC in local offices yet access data stored in corporate mainframes in Brussels.
  • an opera house wants an integrated hardware and software solution that supports the composition, editing and projection of translated texts - in two languages - above the scene, easily.
  • a retail multinational wants a database replication technology to keep the records of all its distributed sites in sync with each other. The solutions should be both efficient and reliable over slow communication lines.
  • a small company selling an up-to-date database of contacts in a specific sector wants a portable, user-friendly and graphical application so its customers can query and browse this valuable information.