Why choose Beta Nine?

Because good software engineers are hard to find. Checking out your software engineering partner is no easy task. Like so many other high-tech businesses, this sector is evolving at an incredible speed. What is hot today is old tomorrow, or so it seems.

In a BYTE commentary Bruce Webster writes about "The Real Software Crisis": the shortage of top-notch software architects and developers is threatening to become the limiting factor in software development. Grady Booch calls it "one of the dirty little secrets of software engineering": success in software development depends most upon the people involved. Any decent book on building and managing a software team urges you to "hire the best people".

Beta Nine has ample experience with today's technologies, object oriented analysis, design and implementation using multiple languages and tools, working on different platforms, in projects of all sizes for a diverse set of clients. But above all we are committed to software engineering in all its aspects, and to quality - we simply love our job.

Checklist for a custom software develoment project:

  • choose a partner with experience in software engineering
  • contract to have a well-defined and manageable application built for a fixed budget
  • think cross-platform, open standards and networking
  • make sure your application will be constructed so that it is flexible and ready for change while having a high overall quality